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Confident Smile

It is a must and applies to all ages. A confident smile has a lot of radiance about itself and helps you connect better with the society. At young age it gives you a pleasant personality and a good demeanor, which helps you stand out in the competition. I am not only talking about beauty contests, but a good and confident smile can help your performance in job-interviews and interactions with your marriage-prospects. It basically helps the person with whom you are interacting at ease and that facilitates an energetic interaction. Smiles are quite contagious they say!

Well there might be many reasons that stop you from having a hearty laugh. You might have forwardly placed teeth; they might be crooked, crowded. There might be a large gap between your frontal teeth. Don’t let these things hamper your self image and confidence, which is so important to succeed in today’s competitive world. The dental treatment can certainly help you to regain confidence and a hearty smile
I have put together a couple cases for your reference and to let you know how people benefited from dental treatment to gain a good smile.
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Dental Tourism

Medical tourism is not new to India, after the successful off shoring story of the IT and Engineering field. That has helped the medical fraternity a lot, gaining the knowledge of high end treatments, better recording techniques, improved monitoring techniques and painless treatments. The dental field is also fast catching up.

Another factor that drives the dental tourism is also the cost of treatment abroad. Just because of the different rates for consultation and treatment, the patients have to pay twenty times more than what they might have had to pay if they had a treatment in India and still they don’t have to bargain the quality of the treatment.
With the rise in number of Indians staying abroad and because of the costs of paying hefty amounts abroad, patients prefer to get their treatments done in India when they visit their families for family get together and marriages. Following are some cases where patients reduced the cost of treatment by doing it at Shree Dental and also enjoyed the family reunions.

Nephew’s marriage and dental treatment for the whole family

Mrs. Sharma had come from New Zealand to Nigdi for her nephew's marriage. The cost of treatment in New Zealand is very heavy (Root canal apprx Rs.30,000, Crown Approx Rs. 65,000). She decided to get all Dental treatment in Nigdi.
we did two root canal treatments, one ceramic crown, one fixed ceramic bridge, two fillings, cleaning for her. After experiencing quality of work and painless treatment at Shree Dental Care Mrs. Sharma decided to get her two Daughter's (Ms.Nikita,Ms.Ria)and Son's(Mr.Rahul) treatment at our clinic. For Ms. Nikita one root canal was incompletely done in New Zealand. We did four root canals for her. Other three root canals were already done in New Zealand. We made seven Ceramic crowns for all root canal treated teeth. We did two fillings and cleaning for her. Ms Ria's dentition is very good .We had to do five fillings to prevent future Dental problems like root canal. For Mr. Rahul we did thorough cleaning .Mr.Rahul had got Braces treatment done but after Braces the teeth were not scaled properly the teeth were looking yellowish. After cleaning the teeth started looking white and bright.
Patient’s Experiences:-
During the course of treatment Sharma family enjoyed wedding, visited various tourist spots near Pune, visited their relatives, family friends, and did shopping .So their trip was like a ‘DENTAL TOURISM'. The cost of treatment was very less as compared to New Zealand and quality of work was as good as or even better …

Regain that Photogenic Smile…

Mrs. Joshi's all front teeth were carious, broken. There were too many dark spots on teeth. She wanted to improve her smile as her son who is in Australia was getting married in few months time.
we did root canal treatment, performed the required necessary fillings and fixed eleven Ceramic caps for her.
Patient’s Experiences:-
She was very happy with the result. Her Son and daughter in Law also got all Dental treatment before going to Australia.

Giving mother her sweet smile back

Sukhatankar Madam walked in my clinic for consultation for her front teeth which were broken and were invisible, giving her an ‘Old age’ look.
We put Posts in her root pieces and built the same teeth with a composite material. Then I fixed Ceramic Caps over the built teeth.
Patient’s Experiences:-
She was very happy with the smile. Now her front teeth are visible and she can smile widely .Her son is in USA. We mailed her photos to him. He was also very happy with mother's smile. His mother got back her sweet and young smile!

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